10 Best Montessori Products From IKEA

For mothers who embrace the Montessori philosophy of child-centered learning and independence, finding the right tools and materials to create a Montessori-inspired environment is key. Luckily, IKEA, the renowned Swedish furniture retailer, offers a range of affordable and practical products that align with the principles of the Montessori method. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of Montessori products, highlighting IKEA’s ten best items and their purpose in fostering a Montessori-friendly space.

Montessori-inspired products are designed to foster independent learning and exploration in children. They promote hands-on experiences, encourage self-discovery, and support the development of essential skills such as concentration, problem-solving, and fine motor abilities. Montessori products are also known for their simplicity, durability, and natural materials, which resonate with eco-conscious parents. These factors make Montessori products highly appealing to parents seeking enriching and engaging experiences for their children.

Check out this amazing list!

1. FLISAT Children’s Table $89.99

This sturdy and adjustable wooden table allows children to work comfortably at their own height. It provides a dedicated space for various activities such as art, puzzles, or independent play. If you love creating amazing sensory fun for your children, this table is a must have.

2. LATT Children’s Table and Chairs $49.99

Ideal for mealtime or arts & crafts projects, this set encourages independence, and fine motor development. The white foiled surface on top is easy to wipe off. Place in it a child’s bedroom, school room or living area. This beautiful wooden table will be functional and beautiful in any space.

3. TROFAST Storage System (Price Varies Based On Configuration)

The TROFAST system consists of versatile bins and frames that help children develop organization skills. Use it to create accessible storage for toys, books, or art supplies, promoting independence and tidiness. You can choose between white or oak and also different color bins.

4. MALA Easel $29.99

The easel provides a space for artistic expression, fine motor development, and creativity. The MALA enables children to explore painting, drawing, and other artistic endeavors, promoting fine motor skills and imaginative play.

5. KALLAX Shelf Unit (Price Varies Based On Configuration)

The KALLAX shelf unit offers ample storage for books, puzzles, and Montessori materials. It allows for easy accessibility and organization, empowering children to select and return items independently. You can choose between white or oak and also different color bins. Think of all the beautiful baskets you can fill and place on the shelves!

6. RASKOG Utility Cart $39.99

The RASKOG utility cart is a functional and mobile storage solution. It can hold various Montessori materials, art supplies, or practical life tools, making them easily accessible to children throughout the day. You can choose from 3 different colors : white, black or yellow.

7. LILLABO Train Set $34.99

The LILLABO train set promotes spatial awareness, problem-solving, and imaginative play. It allows children to construct and manipulate their own railway system, fostering creativity and logical thinking.

8. DUKTIG Play Kitchen $169.99

This play kitchen provides a platform for children to engage in imaginative play and learn practical life skills in a hands-on manner. Parents loves the realistic design. The kitchen resembles a miniature version of a real kitchen, allowing children to imitate everyday activities and develop practical life skills. The kitchen’s counter height can be adjusted to suit the child’s age and height, promoting independence and comfortable play. The simple design encourages imaginative play and allows children to engage in unstructured, open-ended activities. You can even DIY and enhance the kitchen. Making it more beautiful and functional.

9. KURA Loft Reversible Bed $319.99

The Kura Bed is a favorite among parents who embrace the Montessori style due to its low height design, open layout, customizability, and affordability. It promotes independence, imaginative play, and adaptability. By incorporating the Kura Bed into your child’s sleeping area, you can create a space that encourages autonomy, creativity, and a sense of ownership, fostering a positive and nurturing sleep environment for your little ones.

10. TENHULT Step Stool $29.90

The TENHULT Step Stool is an ideal choice for little kids due to its adjustable height, stability, portability, non-slip surface, versatility, and easy maintenance. It provides a secure and convenient platform for children to access higher surfaces, fostering their independence, confidence, and engagement in various activities around the home.

For the parents who appreciate the Montessori philosophy and its emphasis on fostering independence and self-directed learning, IKEA offers a range of affordable and functional products that align with these principles. From versatile storage solutions to interactive play items, IKEA’s Montessori-inspired products provide the tools to create an engaging and empowering environment for children. Incorporating these items into your home can support your child’s growth, development, and joy in learning. So, explore IKEA’s offerings, embrace the Montessori approach, and watch as your child thrives in their Montessori-inspired space.