Seizures No More
The Central Nervous System

100 Days (Seizures No More – Part 10)

Seizure Free

The days continued to add up. Day after day, no seizure!

Today we are celebrating 100 days of Justice being SEIZURE FREE! My husband and I were relentless in our prayers and in our finite power to help our daughter.


When you expect miracles, act in obedience and absolutely never lose hope, God comes through in a way you’d never believe.

PRAISE BE TO GOD! Look at our girl thriving!

God gave us the name Justice Joy Cruz for a reason. This precious girl of ours has the most infectious joy I’ve ever witnessed. A true joy bomb. She pulls you in and you become like a child. My greatest privilege and accolade in this life is being her mother. We love her so much.

Parents, if you’re reading this and your heart is shattered because you’re going through something similar, I want to encourage you. NEVER GIVE UP! There is HOPE!