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A Familiar Foe (Seizures No More – Part 4)

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At this point, Justice was still having partial seizures on a daily basis. Simple partial, complex partial, and absence seizures had become a regular occurrence, and witnessing them never became easier. As time went on, her seizures would take on different characteristics. A blank stare coupled together with a flushed face would later evolve into an expression resembling someone silently enduring extreme pain. The seizures would immediately render her extremely exhausted, and she would almost always rush off to her bed to take a nap shortly after, leaving us speechless in the aftermath of what had just taken place moments before.

We had started Justice on The GAPS introduction diet and simultaneously had bi-weekly visits with a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner. Our very first visit felt very productive. Just being able to discuss with someone what had been occurring and what might be done to alleviate and potentially correct things provided us with a sense of relief and hope.

The NRT practitioner would have Justice lay flat with an extended arm while simultaneously touching other areas of her body. If the other area being touched was “active,” then this would mean that her nervous system was responding by reducing energy to the extended arm. The response from the nervous system, like the arm getting weaker and dropping, helped her identify underlying stress or dysfunction that could possibly be affecting her health and causing the seizures. This system of testing has been clinically proven to be very accurate, and it helped us understand what her body needed so we could help her get better.

The next step was to test specific high-quality nutritional formulas against the areas identified as weak. We wanted to find out which supplements would bring those areas, and corresponding organs, back to optimal health. We used Standard Process supplements to assist in this process. Once we figured out the correct mix of nutritional supplements, as indicated by her muscle’s response, we worked out a personalized nutritional supplement schedule that would help in correcting the underlying deficiency or imbalance that caused the area in her body to be active in the first place. Here is the regimen Justice was on however please bear in mind that this is very specific to Justice’ body and her unique needs.

We tested her body for mold and her muscle weakened and showed struggle in her liver. At this point I realized that mold continued to haunt us. I hate mold. It’s everywhere and it is so extremely toxic to our bodies. Toxic molds, like the black mold we were exposed to, produce chemicals called mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are extremely dangerous to the body and exposure to them can potentially lead to a whole host of health related issues down the road.

Justice’ Active Organs/Areas were:
Frontal Brain/ Parietal and Occipital Lobes

Recommended Nutritional Supplements:
Neurotrophin PMG
Lactic Acid Yeast

Nuerotrophin PMG: Justice was taking this supplement to support her central nervous system. The central nervous system is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. These nerves go out from the central nervous system and reach every cell in the body. Animal brain is a key ingredient in this supplement. Early ancestral healers believed that if you ate the organs of a healthy animal, it would help strengthen and support those same corresponding organs in your own body. Neurotrophin was also providing her body with a unique profile of minerals, nucleotides, and peptides. Nucleotides are the building blocks of DNA. They are essential for proper brain function since brain peptides are small proteins that act as messengers between nerve cells in the brain. They help regulate mood, stress, hunger, and sleep, amongst other things.

Livaplex Standard Process

Livaplex: Justice was taking this supplement to support her liver. Mold is unable to leave the body without a binder to expel it. So mold left in the body eventually finds its way into the liver to eventually cause even more damage. While detoxing her body we also needed to support her liver and bring her liver back to optimal health. This supplement supported her body’s normal toxin-elimination functions, like bile production, as well as aided in building a normal digestive environment in the gastrointestinal tract.

Lactic Acid Yeast Standard Process

Lactic Acid Yeast: The Lactic Acid Yeast supplement helped to keep the pH balance in Justice’ gut healthy. It also helped to create a healthy environment in her intestines by promoting the growth of good bacteria. This yeast also supported function in her lower gastrointestinal tract.

My husband and I were trying so hard to understand and correct what was taking place in her body. Even with doing all of these things and consistently following our supplemental protocol, Justice continued to experience multiple seizures Daily. We wept for weeks on end dealing with wave after wave of doubt and discouragement. Here’s a look into some of my logs during this time.

daily seizures

The suffering and anguish that my husband and I were enduring together felt way too much to bear. We felt as if we were holding our breath for things not to get worse than they already were at that time, hoping the valley wouldn’t become deeper and darker; and then it did.

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