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I’m so glad you’re considering ToothPillow for your child(ren). It’s a great device designed to optimize oral health and address issues related to mouth breathing and sleep-disordered breathing in children.

Recognizing the importance of early intervention and proactive care, it’s commendable that you’re exploring this option for your children. Many parents may not fully grasp the implications of mouth breathing and sleep-disordered breathing on their children’s overall health and behavior, making your proactive step an investment not only in their immediate comfort but also in their long-term health.

To get started, let’s have your child assessed by Toothpillow’s team of professional airway-centered dentists. They’ll take a look and determine if Toothpillow is the right fit for your child. 

You can begin the process by visiting and clicking on “Is my child a candidate.” When prompted about who referred you, put my name, ‘Amanda Cruz.’

The process is straightforward. After submitting six photos, you’ll receive feedback from the doctors, indicating whether your child is a suitable candidate. If not, it simply means they believe your child may need more extensive in-person work, and they’ll guide you to the right resources.

Approval typically takes 3-6 weeks, and although efforts are underway to shorten this period, the influx of inquiries may affect response times.

Once approved, you can use my code ‘CloseQuartersMom‘ at checkout for a $100 discount on your treatment plan, and that same code will get you a 50% discount on a video consult from the dentists reviewing your child’s photos. This is amazing! You’ll be able to hear firsthand from an airway-centered dentist about what they are observing regarding your child.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need more information—I’d love to assist you.