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PBX Detox
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Each child can experience significant advantages from incorporating PBX and zeolite by Touchstone Essentials into their wellness routine. Specifically, PBX offers a gentle and safe detoxification process by effectively eliminating toxins at an intra-cellular level. What sets PBX apart is its ability to capture toxins swiftly, without releasing them into the bloodstream and potentially overwhelming the body’s detox pathways. This ensures a gradual and manageable elimination of toxins during regular bathroom visits, promoting a gentle detox experience.

Touchstone Essentials’ PBX and zeolite are particularly beneficial for children on the spectrum and those with the MTHFR gene mutation. These groups often require special attention in detox protocols, and the gentle yet effective nature of PBX and zeolite makes them suitable choices. By aiding in the removal of heavy metals and other harmful substances from the body, PBX and zeolite contribute to overall wellness, making them a valuable addition to any child’s health regimen. Also for adults!