Happy World Breastfeeding Week

breastfeeding photography

I absolutely love that there is an entire week dedicated to celebrating and normalizing what women’s bodies were made to do. As World Breastfeeding Week comes to an end I want to celebrate my breastfeeding journey of a cumulative 8 1/2 years and counting! That’s over 80k hours. Breastfeeding is a literal on-demand full time job, but for me it’s less of a job and more of an honor that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. I am so thankful I was able and willing to breastfeed all five of my children, knowing this is one of the best things I could ever give them for their health and development.

The female body is absolutely amazing. Only a perfect God could create something so intelligently beautiful. It is not lost on me that the journey is harder for some. I truly wish that was not the case. Mom’s you are amazing and don’t you dare ever forget that!

I think it’s so important to honor our breastfeeding journey and our bodies for sustaining and nurturing our children. That’s a big deal! I’m also thankful for my body providing milk in such abundance that I could then donate and feed several other little bodies while I fed mine too. I dedicated the first few years of every one of my child’s life to feeding them + expressing for multiple hours a day because I knew it meant my breastmilk would be a life force to another babe. So the sacrifice was worth it 10 fold. Because, it didn’t cost me anything but time. And to me, that was time well spent.

Breastfeeding is beautiful!

Breastfeeding is a labor of love and for me, with all my babies, it’s so worth it!

Here are a few photos of me in different seasons and years of motherhood nursing my 5 little loves.

Justice Joy Cruz

Justice self weaned at 17 months. I was 6 months pregnant with her little sister Victory.

Victory Song Cruz

Victory self weaned at 17 months. I was 6 months pregnant with her little brother Valor.

Valor Heir Cruz

Valor currently holds the title of my longest nursling thus far. My milk dried up at 27months and he dry nursed for 1 week. It was a hard transition for him once I had no more milk. He found comfort in burying his precious face into my bosom and falling asleep. I was 5 months pregnant with his little brother Honor when my milk dried up.

Honor Braveheart Cruz

Honor was breastfed for 21months when my milk dried up. I was 6 months pregnant with his little brother Noble.

Noble Throne Cruz

Noble is currently 1 month old and I’m looking forward to a beautiful long breastfeeding journey! This past month has been divine.

Hey mama thank you so much for reading! Nursing all my babies is something that I am so very proud of. I would genuinely love to hear about your breastfeeding journey. Please feel free to share in the comment section below. How was the journey for you? If you’re currently breastfeeding how is it going? If you wanted to breastfeed but couldn’t for whatever reason how are you feeling about that decision? Do you feel more support and education would have helped you? Can’t wait to hear from you 🙂