Raising God Fearing Free Thinkers

Tuttle Twins

I am raising God-fearing, free-thinking children. I refuse to sit back and allow my children to be indoctrinated and brainwashed by the powers of this world. There is a real war going on for the minds and souls of our children, and the truth is, we need to be faithfully on guard at our post. I wanted to share a resource that I love and trust. If you guys don’t have Tuttle Twins books in your home, you need to get them! They offer books for toddlers, children, and teens, along with an amazing economic curriculum.

The Tuttle Twins stand out by fostering critical thinking skills in kids, unlike many children’s books that often focus on basic ideas, whimsical tales, and outright false information, all in the name of brainwashing and shaping your child’s mindset 🤯 These books go beyond the fluff, providing valuable concepts that most adults aren’t even aware of! We’re talking about topics like the free market, inflation, economics, entrepreneurship, individual rights, bartering, protectionism, socialism, business plans, budgets, equity, and more. Come on! Who else is raising entrepreneurs?

Check out my YouTube explaining more about each book, and I also have a link and discount code for you all if you’re interested.

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