Our Summer Read Aloud Line-Up

Summer Read Aloud List

Let’s talk summer read- alouds! The Tuttle Twins Series and The Secret Of The Hidden Scrolls Series are a must have collection. I specifically chose these books as our summer read alouds because I wanted to intentionally go through pivotal moments in the bible and just kind of linger in them with my children, and the Tuttle twins books to help equip and cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit in my children.

Here are the links to The Secret Of The Hidden Scrolls Complete series :

Here are the individual links

Book 1 | The Beginning :

Book 2 | Race To The Ark :

Book 3 | The Great Escape :

Book 4 | Journey To Jericho :

Book 5 | The Shepherd’s Stone :

Book 6 | The Lion’s Roar :

Book 7 | The King Is Born :

Book 8 | Miracles By The Sea :

Book 9 | The Final Scroll :

Here is my link for The Tuttle Twins Books :

If you want to buy the Tuttle Twins Combo Pack : Use Code: DISCOUNT for 35% off.