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Read The Entire Bible In 90 Days (FREE Reading Plan PDF Download)

90day bible plan

Have you ever started a Bible plan with the intention of reading through the whole Bible, only to hit a roadblock in Genesis and decide to jump ship? I’ve been there too! I’ve attempted it many times, and I’ve failed miserably on multiple occasions. However, a change in my perspective and some divine empowerment from the Holy Spirit allowed me to get through the full 90 days and finally read through the entire Bible. But, I’m not here to boast; I’m here to ENCOURAGE you! You can do it! I’ve achieved it, and let me assure you, it has revolutionized my faith. Personally, this was a huge accomplishment for me.

Why 90 Days?

I firmly believe in the power of consistency. Reading the Bible is a vital spiritual discipline. If we do not develop the habit of consistent Bible reading, we will not grow spiritually. Period! Every day, we encounter people who have been believers for years but still have not incorporated this discipline into their lives, maybe that person is you? They wonder why they aren’t growing spiritually, never hear from God, give in to doubt, allow the enemy in, and wreak havoc in their lives because they don’t know their authority or the Word. The standard has to be raised. As Christians, we need to KNOW and cherish the Word of God. It is our sword, and what warrior is not familiar with his sword? What warrior doesn’t know how to wield his sword in battle? It is your only offensive weapon against the devil and his schemes. We need to know what we believe and why we believe it.

Spending intentional time reading the Bible in 90 days will absolutely reshape your habits and transform your spiritual life. Just like it takes 3 months to see physical transformation in your body, I believe reading the whole Bible in 90 days does something so powerful and transformative in your spirit. It’s a time of accelerated growth, and it changes you forever.

By investing as little as 30m-1hr a day, you can read through the whole Bible in just 90 days. We engage with Scripture as devoted lovers of God, eager to deepen our understanding of Him. Our goal is transformation into the likeness of Christ, recognizing the Holy Spirit’s role in using the Word to fortify our faith for the journey until the end. God’s Word shows us just how much God loves us & it is in learning this that we are drawn to love Him in return. The Bible is a book that is not merely for reading. It is a book for studying so that it can be applied.

Ready to take the plunge? Click here & Consider this your official invitation to pledge 90 days to your spiritual growth.

If you would like to join a private Facebook group where I will be going live once a week to recap, pray, and encourage you, here is the link. Make sure to send a request. Let’s do this!

May the word of Christ DWELL in you richly!