What Is Wild Pregnancy?

Wild Mama Wild Pregnancy

The Beauty Of Pregnancy 

Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman’s life! It’s an opportunity to really experience the wonder of life growing inside you. You and you alone are hosting this precious human. I believe 100% that pregnancy is an incredible right of passage and the way that we go through and experience pregnancy matters. Very few experiences can truly change your life as pregnancy can. 

Wild Pregnancy

Some women choose an unassisted or wild pregnancy intentionally from the beginning. Others decide at some stage through their pregnancy to dismiss modernized prenatal care and to take full responsibility for their wellbeing and the decisions about how they will honor this wonderful season. Just like free birth, wild pregnancy is becoming more common as women seek to be in control of their pregnancy. Women are tired of the pressure and trauma that comes with being squeezed into a box and essentially forced to undergo procedures and tests often not proven in safety and yet used routinely. All of this to satisfy someone else’s fears & prime a woman to be compliant for her upcoming birth.

Women are discovering there is another way! A way that has always existed. A way that some women are choosing to reclaim. Women are taking back their God given feminine power. There is something so very special about witnessing a woman in charge of her body, her baby, her birth, and her journey into motherhood. These women radiate connectedness and confidence, not looking outside of themselves for answers, but within. 

Wild Pregnancy

How would you feel if I told you that you don’t need a pregnancy test, blood work, doppler, or ultrasound to determine pregnancy? What if I told you that you can instinctually and innately know exactly what’s going on in your body. No doctors. No hospitals. No invasive procedures. No unnecessary protocols. No arbitrary testings. No one’s fears and opinions are projected onto you.

It’s empowering to take ownership of your prenatal care. Trusting and being in tune with your body. It is autonomous and requires you to fully trust your body while being dedicated to the entire process because you no longer put your trust and faith in someone else’s hands. But your own.

I can assure you that there is a deep sense of responsibility, which comes with so much stripping back of fears and self. Stripping back the layers to break the conditioning of our society that tells us, we need a doctor/nurse/midwife. That we are unable or not capable of birthing our baby. That we need everything to be pathologized for “safety”. That we need intervention available “JUST IN CASE”.

Mama, you are entitled to your own opinions and fears. But they do not need to be projected onto someone without them. I want you to know that you can be empowered to choose this process and have the greatest most epic experience of your life as a result!

No matter how or where you choose to birth, the most important thing is that you fully trust your body and its ability to do what it was physiologically created by God to do. The moment my power was stripped away from me during the birth of my firstborn almost 8 years ago, I learned from then on that only I was the one who knew what my baby needed, and then I made it my life’s mission to trust that. 8 years, of living as a mom guided by my intuition & the discernment of the Holy Spirit was the greatest practice for becoming so in tune with my instincts that nothing outside of me could persuade me to go against what I know is right.

If you’re feeling like this is something you want to experience I encourage you to get informed and begin to trust your body. It will amaze you! You won’t want to experience pregnancy any other way. You deserve the best pregnancy. You deserve a life-changing experience. You deserve your decisions to be respected. Lastly, you deserve to enter motherhood empowered not filled with trauma.