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Doing All The Things (Seizures No More – Part 6)


Even though we had no real medical answers or medical explanations as to why our daughter was having seizures, I was not ok with the mystery. I strongly believe there is a root cause or a mixture of things that cause any type of dysfunction in your body. That is exactly why I rejected an epilepsy diagnosis. I’m not ok with “We don’t know why this happens”. This is how the Epilepsy foundation defines epilepsy; “The simple definition of epilepsy is recurrent seizures that are not caused by another medical problem”. Treating epilepsy with anti seizure medications is always the first treatment tried because as stated by the Epilepsy foundation, “The goal is to get the best seizure control possible.”

I didn’t want to control her seizures. I wanted them to stop completely. I wanted to tackle them from the root. So we continued researching. I had thought surely there must be some thing in our home contributing to this. So as we dove deeper into triggers and what may be affecting Justice we started making drastic changes in our home, in hopes of stopping her seizures.

Reading through this post you might just think we are insane. But let me tell you this, when you are desperate, you will do and try absolutely anything and that’s exactly what we did for our precious Justice. We did everything we possibly could to heal her body naturally.

Infrared Sauna

Our goal when purchasing a portable infrared sauna was to help Justice’s body detox from our years of mold exposure and the million of other toxins we encountered daily. If you don’t already know, this mama loves to research. I crave understanding. I need to know that I am making the most informed and best decision. I’ll share a little of my research with you.

infrared detox

The sun has a type of energy called, “far infrared”. This type of energy is safe and healthy for our bodies. It can help improve blood circulation, natural detoxification, and positive immune system responses. Additionally, this type of heat energy can help relieve pain and inflammation, improve cardiovascular function, lower cholesterol levels, revitalize skin cells, emulsify fat deposits, increase metabolic rate, and inhibit the spread of infection. While the effects may vary from person to person, the fact is that far infrared has a number of benefits for our bodies and we wanted Justice to experience them.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize Winner and the discoverer of vitamin C, believed that all energy from the Sun has profound effects on us. His research showed that light can literally stimulate the body’s basic biological functions. Modern research is showing that Far Infrared does indeed stimulate metabolism. FIR warms the body from within by absorbing invisible light wavelengths. When these invisible wavelengths of light are absorbed by the cells of the body, it feels like heat.

One of the best things about far infrared heat is that it is all natural. You can’t get too much of it, and your body will be able to heal naturally when you use it. I did some more research and figured out the best protocol for her body and we consistently followed it.

We purchased the Therasage full spectrum infrared sauna. We felt this was the best and safest portable option. No radiation, no VOC’s and no off-gassing. Do you want to hear about a total, “God really loves and cares about what you all are going through”, moment we experienced? As I was researching I stumbled upon someones website who was an affiliate with Therasage. In his post he shared some insightful information on the unit and at the end of his post he shared his discount code. You’ll never guess what his code was; It was JUSTICE! My husband and I literally laughed out loud. If that wasn’t a message or stamp of approval that we were making a good decision, then I didn’t know what was.

I am now an affiliate with Therasage because I believe so much in the vision and effectiveness of this product. You can feel free to use my discount code ‘CLOSEQUARTERSMOM’ for 10% off. I know that the 10% off we received helped so much.

discount code


Grounding, also known as earthing, is simply when one makes a connection to the earth’s energy without obstruction. The simplest way to do this is by walking barefoot on grass, dirt, or sand. Grounding is simple science. Our bodies are bioelectrical beings and we have a positive charge. Earth has a negative charge. When we make contact through grounding, we discharge our excess energy, which can produce a healing effect at the cellular level.

Ground benefits include:

  • reduced inflammation
  • reduced cortisol
  • increased energy
  • increased healing speed
  • decreased pain
  • restored balance to the body

Grounding was something we naturally did but we got more intentional with it. I made sure to get her outside everyday in the early morning and take a fun nature walk with the kids barefoot. I took our sensory bin table outside and let Justice create while grounding. Justice is a brilliant little creative being.

Formaldehyde Testing

Two months prior to Justice having seizures we moved into a newly constructed home. I had remembered hearing several different stories of people getting sick from living in newly constructed homes. My main concern at the time was formaldehyde poisoning, as I knew the insulation and dry wall was synthetic and not formaldehyde free. I then became concerned about all of the VOC’s because of the freshly painted walls. The new carpets off-gassing, the glue they used to lay the carpets, the incandescent lightbulbs and a giant laundry list of growing worries. We were brimming with anxiety and becoming paranoid about everything because you could search something like, “VOC’s and seizures”, and receive a bunch of results back, only to feed your fears. There were too many variables. I didn’t know what was causing her seizure activity and I desperately wanted to help her and limit her exposure to anything that may have been contributing to it.

I purchased a multifunctional indoor air quality monitor. This monitor accurately assesses in-temperature humidity levels, concentrations of formaldehyde (HCHO), natural & synthetic volatile organic compounds (TVOC) and fine particulate dust matter. The formaldehyde levels read pretty high in our home. I left the windows and doors open all day for a few days and it dramatically changed our indoor air quality. These readings put a a few of my worries to rest.

EMF Testing

Hard wiring our home was something we always wanted to do. We had already known that EMF’s were not our friend so we always made sure to keep our phones off or in airplane mode when not in use or when we were expecting a call or text etc., and it’s always been extremely important to my husband and I to never have any EMF emitting devices close to our bodies, especially near our major organs, for prolonged periods of time. We also knew that wifi wasn’t the wisest method for us to be connected to the internet in our home and yet somehow we had been letting wifi slide for years. Having all the fun creature comforts of a cutting edge smart home, it was difficult for my husband to cut off completely but it was something He and I both knew we needed to do to create an optimal healing environment.

Because of what we had been experiencing and the decisions we had to make, I started to research more about the subject and gained a deeper understanding of Wifi and how it too was a multiplier of mycotoxins in the body. This is one of those instances where you know about something, but you don’t truly know about it enough to take any action, until you’re affected in someway. This was the push we needed. Without much hesitation my husband hardwired our home that same day. Bye bye, wifi, and Bye bye, smart home.

We had been working so hard to remove mold from our daughter’s body, and with over 400 mycotoxins in existence, with most being cytotoxic (toxic to the brain), we were not trying to multiply anything of the sort. We are not saying this is what was causing her seizures, although for a time we thought it might have been a EMF hypersensitivity case, we simply wanted to limit her exposure to anything that may have been contributing to her seizures. We wanted to set her body up for the best healing it could receive.

We purchased the Safe and Sound EMF and RF Radiation Detector and tested the EMF levels in our home and car religiously. Levels were reading extreme and high all over our home except for the first floor since. So we decided that we could no longer sleep upstairs and even tried to keep everyone downstairs most of the day. We brought down two mattresses and would sleep downstairs every night after our initial findings. The constant checking of EMF levels became excessive and as a result we found ourselves with increased levels of fear and anxiety, but to my husband and I, creating a restorative sleeping environment for Justice’ was very important. My husband purchased an EMF shielding blanket shortly after our new sleeping arrangements and created a little green zone tent for Justice to sleep under at night but despite our constant experimentation, testing and adjusting, the seizures continued.

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